Matrix: Conversations

02Aug 2016

It’s something we as Canadians are proud of: our diversity. Yet, we are not as inclusive towards talent for Corporations. Today, talent is in hot demand. With shifting market conditions, a world more connected and moving faster than ever, acquiring the right talent in the workplace is essential. Available talent is diverse – in age, […]

29Oct 2015

Sustainability, Transparency, and People – Matrix Real Talk Series Phase III: Exploring the Development Continuum Written in collaboration between Ryan Ram, Chandran Fernando, and David Bendea.  “The importance of intangible assets in any development project are: a strong team, brand reputation, customer service, market perception and human capital – they make up a larger share of […]

08Jul 2015

Societies have been passing down their teachings for thousands of years. The teachings and skills of philosophers, leaders, and experienced individuals have been transferred through the generations through spoken word, lecture, and training. People have absorbed and built on experiences of others in order to better advance their lives and societies, through the evolution of […]

26Jun 2015

On Wednesday, May 13th, Matrix Search Group gathered an expert industry panel to continue the Real Talk Series into Phase II: Leadership Communication Gaps: Bridging Communication as We Maximize Efficiencies with Corporate Commercial Real Estate. Sharing insight, inspiring new perspectives or just simply highlighting common issues tends to bring people together in forming strong bonds […]

15Jun 2015

  On May 06th 2015, Matrix Search partnered with Toronto CREW to showcase one of Canada’s most influential people, Barb Stegemann.  The audience was composed of seasoned professionals, emerging leaders from all segments of commercial real estate who gathered at Steelcase Canada’s office in downtown Toronto.  The key message focused on the importance of collaboration […]