Our Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Matrix Search, we are committed to the highest level of corporate social responsibility and ethical business practices. We feel it is fundamental to our organization to develop and maintain relationships of trust and integrity with our employees, clients, candidates, and our community.

As a leading Canadian recruitment firm, we strive to achieve excellence for our clients through creative, innovative and pro-active solutions to uniquely suit their recruitment needs.

We achieve this goal by operating our business in a socially and ethically responsible manner.

Integral to our commitment to corporate social responsibility is our commitment to fostering and empowering diversity not only within our organization but also for our clients, candidates and our community.

In the spirit of our ongoing efforts to operate as a conscientious member of our community, we have established a Corporate Social Responsibility Policy.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy is based on three integral areas:

  1. Social Commitment: Our social commitment recognizes the importance of developing and promoting the wellbeing of our employees, candidates and clients as well as acknowledging the value of actively investing in our community through participating in philanthropic activities.
  2. People Commitment: Our people commitment is grounded in the guiding principles of empowerment and is reflected in our dedication to uplifting individuals as part of a diverse global community. Matrix Search strongly believes that a successful society is founded on a commitment to fostering a sense of wellbeing for all its members; respecting the uniqueness and diversity of individuals and; strengthening the ties of responsibility between business organizations and the community.
  3. Corporate Governance Commitment: Our governance commitment ensures that we consistently strive to achieve the highest ethical standards in our business relationships with our employees, candidates and clients with a focus on fairness, integrity and respect.

Matrix Search’s Guiding Principles:

Matrix Search’s reputation is founded on the professional integrity of our employees and our commitment to the following ethical business principles:

  • Integrity by conducting business according to highest ethical standards
  • Respect for our employees, clients, candidates, and the communities in which we work and live
  • Honesty in our internal and external communications and all our business transactions
  • Quality in our services, striving to deliver the highest value to our clients and candidates
  • Responsibility for our words and actions while confirming our commitment to deliver
  • Fairness to our employees, clients, and candidates through our adherence to applicable laws, regulations, policies, and a highest standard of professional behavior