Our Diversified Platform


To Matrix, diversity means much more than just recruiting people from different cultures. Diversity is about respecting and empowering individuals from different life and work experiences as opposed to seeing difference as a liability. Whether we are referring to age, gender, socioeconomic status, education, orientation, ability, ethnicity, or any other quality that makes people unique, we are talking about diversity.  We have successfully harnessed the powerful synergetic energy that workforce diversity creates and are proud to represent that diversity within our own organization and when advocating for our clients and candidates.

Diversity in the workplace is recognizing, appreciating, and utilizing the unique talents and contributions of all individuals and embraces all that an employer or employee has to offer. This is especially important in today’s globalized workplace where knowledge exchange is enhanced by the unique contributions that each individual can contribute. Fostering this diversity as opposed to fearing it leads not only to innovative ideas but also creative risk management solutions.

Key Dynamics of Diversity:

  • It is good for business
  • Canadian businesses in a global economy are more dependent than ever on global markets. This makes cultural diversity an asset to any organization.
  • With the increased representation of women, people with different abilities, people of colour and First Nations employees in the workforce with advanced education and work experience, this exceptional talent pool has forced employers to embrace diversity to secure the most qualified candidates.
  • A truly diverse workforce provides an enriching environment for the development of new ideas, fresh perspectives and innovative methodologies. It is inclusive and empowers each employee to bring their best ideas and skills forward knowing that they will be valued and respected.
  • People perform better when they can be themselves. For example, concealing one’s sexual orientation at work reduces productivity. Employees need to be able to communicate and build supportive, cooperative relationships with colleagues and clients.

Canadian Statistics & Facts:

  • 3 out of 4 immigrants to Canada are from ethnically diverse communities.
  • By 2017, one of every five workers will be representative of ethnic diversity.
  • In 2011, 59.2 per cent of Canadian university students are women.
  • 62 per cent of First Nations students will be entering the workforce in the next 10 years.
  • In 2010, there were over a million Canadians who identified as having a disability and that number is set to increase with the aging Canadian population.
  • Two out of every five employees who identify as either gay or lesbian will face discrimination on the job and will be forced to change careers if such discrimination continues.

Whilst the vast majority of recruitment agencies have adopted strategies that focus on the automation of the recruitment process, Matrix Search has developed an economically beneficial approach to diversity by strategically focusing our recruitment efforts on the unique needs of each of our clients and candidates.

We have adopted workplace strategies and corporate social responsibility practices that enable a synergy between our organization and a wide variety of diversity-based organizations in order to create an extensive referral and networking system.  Matrix Search has access to a large talent pool of professionals from various diverse communities. Therefore, not only are we focused on the recruitment of talent, but also retaining that high achieving talent.

Matrix Search is strategically positioned as an integral partner working with Canadian employers to develop successful programs and strategies to foster a dynamic, inclusive workforce that is beneficial to all.

An integral understanding of, and a commitment to diversity, is the foundation to our continued success within the recruitment industry.


I encourage every person to continue to strive to achieve their dreams, as anything is possible provided that the true value of people is not forgotten and that respect and honesty are the key threads that build and maintain a community.

– Matrix Search Group President, Chandran Fernando, Winter 2011 edition of AMÖI Magazine.