Our Story: Matrix Mission of Excellence in Real Estate Recruitment

Our Story: The Matrix Search Mission Excellence in Real Estate Recruitment

At Matrix Search, our specialized team has a clearly defined mandate – to strategically and professionally connect talent with opportunities in the real estate industry. With over sixteen successful years, we have refined our people centric approach which ensures that we evaluate the unique nature of the individual and the key dynamics of each client. We implement a highly systematic approach. We begin by tapping into our broad base of knowledge cultivated from our vast experience, connecting people to ideas and ideas to people. From this platform of intelligence, we connect clients to candidates and candidates to clients, ultimately enabling us to create sustainable relationships. In addition, we are steeled to preserving a boutique environment and the leadership mindset. We deliver a personal touch with a commitment to integrity, diversity and relationships. Matrix Search remains true to our industry areas of expertise which include construction, leasing, real estate investments, operations, accounting, legal, asset and property management sectors.

Since inception, delivering excellence has propelled our rapid and consistent growth. Our dedication to the highest standards has positioned Matrix Search as a key industry leader in all direct and ancillary aspects of real estate recruitment which is evident in the expertise of our Talent Recruitment Associates. We are proud of our personal rapport with clients. This allows us to work one on one with you to identify the varying challenges and unique needs of candidates and the organization. Matrix Search’s in-house team and state of the art systems provide our Talent Recruitment Associates with the support necessary to maximize the procurement of Talent within Canada.

An integral understanding and commitment to diversity is the key to our continued success within the recruitment industry. We are proud to reflect that diversity both within our organization and on behalf of the clients we advocate for. Valuing and honouring diversity – which includes not only culture and ethnicity, but also gender, orientation, age and ability – stands as a founding tradition for us at Matrix Search.