The most important relationships in life can develop out of unexpected meetings. This has been the premise of many of the major milestones in personal and professional relationships for me in my own life. Say you are looking to advance your career, to grow your network; can you imagine what it would be like to influence chance just a little bit, to put yourself in a position to have more of these unexpected meetings?

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Beginning with this reason, you should go. Industry events are anything but typical, especially in Real Estate. The context, the people, and the discussions are inspirational and thought-provoking. There is much to be learned from the experiences of others. There truly is something for everyone: If advancing your career interests you, you will be inspired by the wonderful stories of seasoned industry professionals and be surrounded by the discussions between them. If architecture interests you, you can explore the many beautiful offices and event spaces that are the fabric of downtown Toronto, while sharing cocktails with the very people that helped create it. If networking is your goal, you will find yourself at ease with the ability to dive into engaging conversation.

But it’s much more than all of this. Bearing in mind that the association has a mission – You are there because you support this mission. The event is a physical coming together of the minds, individuals, professionals and leaders alike – there to make a better industry for all.

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There’s more benefits, too. Industry associations have regular informational publications as well as seminars, courses, and learning material offered to their members. These are a strong source of insider tips, experiences, and lessons built from years of collective professional experience. In light of their mission, your support and engagement hopefully will result in you taking your new found inspiration, knowledge, and connections and go out there and make a difference.

Here are some of the great real estate industry associations (in alphabetical order), each with a powerful mission that deserves support. Check their websites for your local chapter, and get involved!

CREW Network


Real Estate Institute of Canada

Urban Land Institute:

If you don’t already frequent the industry events, try one. I strongly encourage it. You never know who you’ll meet, and what you’ll learn.

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